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How to get there

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Our wedding will take place between two coastal locations, half an hour drive apart: the ceremony in the old city of Vasto and the reception by the sea, just outside Termoli.

Having a car is ideal to move around in this area; but if you are not planning to come with your own vehicle or rent one, please let us know in the RSVP section, and we will make sure to provide transportation to the church and then from there to the party. In this case, we strongly recommend that you seek accommodation in Termoli, as the evening will end there and then you don’t have to worry about finding a lift back to Vasto.

Now, about getting there. If you are flying in from outside Italy, these are your main options:

  • The closest airport is Pescara, but it is a small regional airport, so you are likely to have to change in Rome, Naples, or Milan. From Pescara you could rent a car or take a train to Termoli. A frecciabianca is faster and more comfortable, but you can find also regional trains.
  • Rome and Naples are also relatively close, so it is a good option to land there. However, public transportation from these cities to Termoli is quite bad. We strongly recommend to rent a car. The alternatives are regional trains and buses that have to cross the Appenines: it takes forever, also due to multiple stops and line changes.
  • Milan and Bologna seem further away, but — especially if you don’t want to rent a car — are better connected. Both cities offer direct and frequent frecciabianca trains to Termoli. The journey takes 4 to 6 hours and it is very comfortable.

Please, also take note of the following, when you are planning your trip:

  • We recommend that, especially if you do not have a car, you stay in Termoli. However, if you do want to stay in Vasto, be reminded that Vasto train station (Vasto San Salvo) is located in the Marina of Vasto. To get to the old city, where the ceremony will take place, you will need to take a bus (15/20 minutes drive).
  • If you are taking the frecciabianca train, a reservation is mandatory ( There are often discounts for early reservations.
  • For both the train and the accommodation, since July is high season, we suggest to plan ahead. Everything gets booked pretty fast.