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Gift Registry


La nostra lista nozza รจ disponibile sul sito:

Raggiunta la pagina, vi si accede con username: darioedalila e password: da20da07

Una volta visionate le opzioni, potrete effettuare la vostra scelta via email o telefono seguendo le istruzioni riportate in calce alla pagina.


You can find our wedding registry at:

Once on the web page, login with username: darioedalila and password: da20da07

You will find a catalog of the items that we have chosen. To confirm your choice, you can contact the shop (Ca’ d’oro) via email, as indicated in the registry’s website at the bottom of the page (please specify our names for their reference, and — if you wish — your note to the gift).

We really appreciate any type of contribution to our list. Note that for many gifts there is also the option of choosing individual items rather than the whole set (e.g. plates, glasses…).